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Volume 4, Number 1
ISSN 2166-9732

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    Reply from Obama: Re: Bombing ISIS is a Strategic Mistake banner             1 - 2
    by Barack Obama
    Abstract: Obama responded to J. Weng's letter "The 5-th Open Letter to the U.S. President Obama: Bombing ISIS is a Strategic Mistake", Brain-Mind Magazine, vol. 3, no. 1, 2014. His full letter is presented here. He stated in the letter: "ISIL poses a threat." What threat? He did not specify in the letter. ISIS would change to become a friend like Vietnam if the U.S. government unilaterally ends its hostility toward ISIS and start to make a peace deal without any pre-conditions. However, the fact that Mr. Obama has a single brain in a scope-limited political environment that gave only limited knowledge has made him impossible to act intelligently for the fundamental benefits of American people.
    Index terms: Brain science, brain groups, constitution, law, ISIS

    Retirement Abroad: An Alternative Way for American Retirees banner             3 - 6
    by Catherine Shu Zhang and Stephen Tao Jiang
    Abstract: This article explores the current state that enables Americans to retire aboard with an easily affordable, albeit high-standard of living. As the wave of American baby boomers approach retirement age, a reported 3.3 million are thinking about retiring abroad. How are they to realize their expectation for affordable living, along with their needs for accessing Social Security and Medicare benefits, in order to choose their best retirement destination? While Americans currently retire more often than not to Europe, Canada and Mexico, other countries such as Thailand and Malaysia have emerged that also offer attractive incentives to Americans contemplating retirement.
    Index terms: Retire abroad, cost of living, healthcare cost, oversea healthcare, Medicare, retirement finance, immigration

    A Holistic View of University and Its Governance banner             7 - 9
    by Ming Xie
    Abstract: In this short article, I will first outline the blueprint of the complex systems governing a modern university. Then, I will discuss some better ways of conducting teaching/learning, research/innovation, and appraisal/promotion in a modern university.
    Index terms: Terms-System, Teaching, Learning, Research, Innovation, Appraisal, Promotion

    Brains Are Automata: This is Not Just AI and Robotics banner             10 - 13
    by Juyang Weng
    Abstract: Experts have said many times that we humans still do not know how the brain works. However, this is no longer true. A brain automata theory appeared in 2011 with the support of a series of ground-breaking computer simulation results [18]. The full and formal mathematical proof of the theory is now available [20]. It has been formally proved that all grounded brains are also Turing Machines — a theoretical model for modern computers (Von Neumann computers). This new theory has unified natural intelligence and artificial intelligence. More specifically, it unified the two schools in Artificial Intelligence (AI) — the symbolic school and the connectionist school. Knowledge of both schools contributed to the brain automata theory but the brain automata are like none of them.
    Index terms: Brains, Turing Machines, neural networks, deep learning

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